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Garant cable drum 3-fold with USB for indoor use (indoor cable drum with USB charging function and 50m cable, ergonomic handle, Made in Germany) blue

Hugo Brennenstuhl GmbH & Co Kommanditgesellschaft Cable Reels
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The Garant cable drum 3-fold with USB and a 50m cable length in the colour blue impresses with its quality and safety in all areas. The cable drum is made of special plastic and has a perfect cable guide when winding and unwinding thanks to the ergonomic handle and is perfectly suited for household use. It not only has increased protection against accidental contact, but also convinces with the following features:

  • 2 USB charging sockets, dust and dirt protected
  • Total charging current max. 2100 mA for fast charging
  • Cable length: 50m
  • Cable designation: H05VV-F 3G1.5
  • Drum diameter: 290 mm
  • 3 protective contact sockets with self-closing lids
  • With overheating protection
  • Cable designation: H05VV-F 3G1,5
  • Cable length: 50 m
  • Cable quality: PVC
  • Reel diameter: 290 mm
  • Degree of protection (IP): IP20
  • Area of use: indoor
  • Height: 35,50 cm
  • Length: 19,30 cm
  • Weight: 6,10 kg
  • Width: 28,30 cm
  • With carrying handle:
  • Usage: Household
  • Housing material: Plastic
  • Number of CEE socket outlets: 0,00
  • Number of earthed socket outlets: 3,00
  • Max. output current USB: 2,10 A
  • USB function: USB charger