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Extension lead individually switchable

Extension Lead with individually switchable sockets and wide clearance for power supply units

Clever setup tip for work rooms and gaming rooms

The “Premium Line technology” socket strip with suspension device offers 5 socket positions in a 45° arrangement and impresses with two special equipment features:

Socket strip individually switchable

Individually switchable socket strip
With an illuminated on/off switch at each socket position, electric appliances can be switched on or off individually without having to cut off power from the complete socket strip or the other sockets. You can therefore supply electronic devices such as printers, screens or desk lamps individually with power or switch them off individually. Thus, power consumption and costs arising due to the standby operation of electronic devices can be optimised.

Two socket positions with wide clearance
With the switchable extension socket, two socket positions additionally offer a wider clearance of 114 mm. Thus, larger angular connectors or external power adapters, as used for WiFi routers, smaller switches or a Raspberry Pi, for example, can be easily used without hindering the other plug-in positions.