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Telescopic tripod ST 200 IP44 2,5m H05RN-F 3G1,0 400W 8545lm 110V

Hugo Brennenstuhl GmbH & Co Kommanditgesellschaft Halogen & LED floodlight
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  • High quality, strong, stable, easy to move and compact when disassembled.
  • Fitted to a galvanized and plastic-coated steel-tube frame. May be titled and clamped at any desired angle.
  • With safety glass and protective grill.
  • Telescopic up to 2 m.
  • Total luminous flux primary source: 8545 lm
  • Height: 91,00 cm
  • Length: 19,00 cm
  • Weight: 3,75 kg
  • Width: 16,50 cm