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The perfect headlight for jogging

The suitable headlight for outdoor activities

Darkness often poses a problem - and, of course, a high risk of injury. On dark routes, such as unlit parks or in the open country, obstacles are difficult or even impossible to detect. Especially in the autumn and winter months, it is very dark early in the morning as well as early in the evening. Thus, the training sessions mandatorily take place in the darkness. However, that definitely ought not stop you from going on your daily jog!

Defy the darkness with a headlight (or headlamp) and continue to enjoy the fresh air before or after a stressful day. The functionality of a headlight is very simple - thanks to a very pleasant rubber band, overcoated with material, the headlight can be attached to the head directly. It is also no problem to pull this band over a cap or a headband, as the band can be adjusted individually.

The LuxPremium KL 100 IP44 Toshiba-LEDLED headlamp is particularly suited for jogging, as it is very light and powerful despite the compact design. The headlight can be adjusted very tightly. Additionally, it has a switch with functions for 100% - 20% and SOS. The lamp’s inclination is adjustable.

LuxPremium LED-Headlight KL 100 IP44, 100lm

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The LuxPremium LED headlamp KL 200F IP 44 is also extremely light and powerful. This headlamp is equipped with the latest CREE LED technology. CREE LEDs are characterised by low energy consumption, a longer burn time and a pleasantly warm light. Additionally, this headlamp is equipped with a rear light. Here, too, there is a switch with functions for 40%, 100%, 100% and a red flashing light at the rear, as well as SOS. The lamp’s inclination is adjustable.

LuxPremium LED-Headlight KL 200 F IP44, CREE-LED, 200lm

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More power is not possible - the high-performance headlamp with battery and red light not only shines extremely brightly, but also far and long. So anyone who is regularly out and about in the dark or even has to do their daily work in the dark is on the safe side with this headlamp.

LuxPremium rechargeable LED Headlight KL 250AF, IP44, 250lm

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