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Camping lights and practical LED lamps for camping

Bright camping gadgets from brennenstuhl®

Whether camping or at a festival - for outdoor activities including overnight stays in tents or caravans, a camping light is part of the standard equipment. At brennenstuhl® there are very special models for this purpose: Whether different light settings, powerbank function, dimmability for a longer battery life or even for playing music - here you will find the right camping light for your next adventure and the right ambience in the tent!

Outdoor lights have to withstand wind and weather

What IP protection is necessary for camping lanterns

An LED lamp for outdoor use should have suitable splash water protection as well as protection against dirt and dust. The decisive factor is the IP protection rating of the outdoor luminaire - this must be at least IP44. The luminaires should be able to withstand sudden rainfall, i.e. they should be protected against moisture and foreign bodies such as dirt or dust.

Stability despite small size and mounting options

Despite the handy, small size of camping lights, a robust housing material is important so that you can enjoy your light for a long time. The small brennenstuhl® LED spotlights for travelling, camping or festival adventures are nevertheless light, need little storage space and fit into every pocket or backpack. 

For fastening, there is often an adjustable bracket to stand on or there is the possibility of fastening with hooks and magnets.

Leuchtstarke Camping Gadgets von brennenstuhl® 

Leuchtstarke Camping Gadgets von brennenstuhl®

brennenstuhl® recommends compact LED outdoor lights for camping or festivals