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Extension lead for wall mounting

Screw-on extension lead

A clever solution to eliminate cable chaos

Our eytension leads with practical fastening options are ideal for placement in the home, workshop or even in the garage. The mountable extension leads simply keep things tidy and also eliminate annoying cable chaos and possible tripping hazards.

Often the wall sockets are not sufficient to connect all devices. A multiple socket outlet is often the solution. In most cases, the extension lead is simply placed on the floor or hidden behind a cabinet, whereupon the cable is of course also lying around on the floor. But exactly this is not a nice eye-catcher: knotted cables or multiple extension leads on the floor attract dust and dirt and leave a messy impression. In addition, hidden extension leads behind cupboards or sofas are not without danger. If the extension lead overheat, the accumulated dust or other dirt can ignite more easily and thus pose a great danger.

The solution: A extension lead for wall mounting.

On the mountable extension leads there are screw holes on the side or on the back, which allows easy wall mounting

So avoid annoying cable chaos under the desk by mounting the extension lead under the desk or even on the wall.
You can also collect excess cable behind the TV, for example, by simply covering the cable with a cable channel.

However, if you do not want to drill and screw, you have the option of using a extension lead with removable mounting plate. With this intelligent mounting plate it is no problem to fix the extension lead with cable ties or velcro strips. In addition, the mounting plate can be snapped into the correct position for mounting.

Our professionalLINE - as well as the Outdoor extension lead are also suitable for wall mounting.


With the help of a mountable extension lead you avoid meter-long and excess cable chaos on the floor and also the associated trip hazards -
a "small" invention with great effect!

Mountable socket strips to bolt on

These brennenstuhl® socket strips have fixing lugs that allow them to be fixed by screws.

Clampable extension lead for flexible mounting

As an alternative to the mountable extension leads, there is a clampable extension lead that can be attached flexibly.