Company Quality

Product quality

Safety at a glance

You can always rely on products from brennenstuhl®. A variety of safety certificates from independent testing agencies show: compliance with German and international standards is constantly being tested and confirmed. With the Primera-Tec automatic outlet strip 15.000 A with master-slave function, we also offer the first outlet strip in the world certified with the “Blaue Engel” (blue angel) environmental label.

Protection any time and everywhere

Heat, cold and moisture resistance: equipment from brennenstuhl® is tested very thoroughly in a climatic chamber. The heat resistance for outlet strips, for instance, is tested and proven in long-term tests.

Stability is extensively tested

Products from brennenstuhl® are very durable because the plastic parts undergo cold impact testing. In cold temperatures, the product is evenly charged – in the image, for instance, a cable drum. No tears or damage may arise.

Keep cool in case of a short circuit

brennenstuhl® electronic equipment must not ignite or combust in the case of a short circuit. The glow-wire testing on outlet strips for instance tests for this: plastic casings are touched by a 750° C hot wire for 30 seconds. The test is passed when there is no danger for the surroundings and no flames are visible 30 seconds after removing the wire.

Design that inspires

Products from brennenstuhl® also make an impression through design. The Primera-Tec Comfort Switch Plus 15.000 A outlet strip for instance always looks good with its high-gloss surface and the elegant foot switch.

High quality workmanship makes the difference

You demand durability – as you should. Products from brennenstuhl® are extremely robust due to a combination of first-class materials and precise manufacturing. One good example is the smoke detector BR 8221 extra longlife with its very compact design, reliable electronic parts and a guaranteed lifetime of ten years.

Economical and environmentally friendly

Unnecessary power consumption shouldn't be an issue. With brennenstuhl® you can significantly lower the energy consumption of end devices in stand-by mode. Notice the Save-Energy logo. The automatic Secure-Tec outlet strips with master-slave function for instance switches of the devices in the slave outlets off automatically with the main device in the master outlet.