Company Quality

Assortment quality

There is always a fitting solution

At brennenstuhl®, you will certainly find with you are looking for: the wide range of products offers you the right solution for every situation. The Eco-Line outlet strip for instance is offered with and without a tumble switch and up to ten outlets. With the Secure-Tec automatic outlet strip, you also protect end devices from surges.

We’ve thought of everything

With complete offers from brennenstuhl®, you can easily realize your projects. To make your house or apartment more secure, there is a wide range of alarms that not only go off when they detect smoke, gas or carbon monoxide, but also if there is a danger due to heat or water.

Up-to-datedness across the board

You have a choice of the newest developments in brennenstuhl®‘s advanced assortment. Like LED technology, the trend-setting cold-light technology for instance is already a permanent part of our assortment. One example is the mobile lamp Power Jet-Light 4 x 55 Watt – with peak values for energy efficiency, light output, durability and safety due to low heat.