Company Quality

Innovation quality

Innovations from the newest technology

Use by the users is always the focus for our technical innovations. That is why brennenstuhl® engineers are constantly testing new ideas and the most modern development processes. Three-dimensional drawings created with 3-D-CAD on a computer are directly implemented as tangible patterns via Rapid Prototyping.

Safety plus with intelligent cable management

Well-thought-out cable guiding in brennenstuhl® electrical distribution equipment assures a high level of safety. You will never again be frustrated by cable salad with cable drums with Bretec® technology: the outlet unit remains upright when rolling and unrolling. With the ROL’UP automatic roll-up tedious rolling up is also a thing of the past: a light tug on the handle is enough to automatically roll up the cable.

Attractive solutions

Technology has to suite the user’s world – special products from brennenstuhl® fulfill this criterion very well. Desktop Power, for instance, is an elegantly designed electrical supply for a desk. Our Comfort-Switch outlet plugs can be placed inconspicuously and can still be comfortably turned on and off via the external hand/foot switch.

Especially practical due to clever extras

Perfectly stowed and always easily reachable – that is very easy with products from brennenstuhl®. Outlet strips for instance can be mounted on a wall thanks to the eyelets on the back – a huge advantage when you’re working. On the Primera-Line outlet strips, the cable outlet can be flexibly placed depending on the working environment: on the tumbler switch side or on the opposite side.