International Sweatpants Day 2018 – day of fulfilment

Lazing around with intelligent home automation

On 21 January 2018, it is finally here – International Sweatpants Day, the day on which, at least once a year, the focus is finally on our most comfortable of items of clothing!

People will do anything to look good. Be it the perfectly cut but uncomfortable suit or the designer skirt that slides up again and again – we toil in uncomfortable clothes. For good reason.  We want to look good at work, when we go out or simply on the street. We do everything for it; we take inspiration from the catwalks of this world so as to follow the latest trend – preferably before anyone else – and to wear the often uncomfortable but elegant-looking rags.
For what, then, is there no room in the wardrobe? Exactly, jogging trousers!
Or, as Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Anyone who wears jogging trousers has lost control of their life”.

Paar in Jogginghose Funktschalt-SetBut you know exactly where and with what you feel as right as rain – at home on the sofa in your favourite jogging trousers. No nipping, no pinching and not too tight – just comfortable. They are the only trousers that can be put on in one go and that immediately fit.

So let’s give them the chance to shine at least once a year, or as Karl Lagerfeld would say: let’s lose control of our lives 😉
So get into your most comfortable jogging trousers and get onto the sofa!

Five things for a perfect sofa evening

You may now be asking yourself: was this not something to do with electric devices? Everyday heroes? brennenstuhl®? What does that have to do with our most comfortable jogging trousers?
A few things, in fact!
For example that, as soon as the jogging trousers sadly go into the background again, you should definitely not do without the most important gadgets for your cosy evening on the sofa.
So let us create the daily sofa evening together in optimal fashion, so as to leave behind the everyday stress more easily.

Therefore, we have put together a few tips and gadgets for you to help you see out a stressful day more smartly:

  • Blanket and, of course, sufficient cushions
  • Snacks such as crisps or popcorn
  • Sufficient drinks, whether soft drinks or beer
  • A remote control socket or a remote control extension socket should definitely not be missing, so that you can control your devices easily and conveniently from the sofa. Alternatively, you can do it all using an app!
    Conjure up a suitable atmosphere at the press of a button!
  • A full battery on your smartphone if you want to chat with your friends during the football game OR even put the smartphone on flight mode if you do not want to be disturbed during the exciting thriller.

So whether it be Netflix, a detective drama or the Champions League, the gadget list is always suitable – but what, or which gadget, can you definitely not be without?

Watching a football game with the right gadget


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